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Mark Lee Fish Farm

Queensland Wild Tiger Prawn (X Large) (Raw) (Frozen)

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Queensland Wild Caught Tiger Prawn

An impressive looker. An impressive cooker.

You can’t miss the Tiger’s stripes and it’s a great prawn for display, which is why you will see it in top hotels and restaurants.

The difference between farmed and wild tigers are wild caught tigers are generally the Brown tiger prawn, which tend to have a bit more firmness in its texture, so are great for use as a centre piece for a main course.

Tiger Prawns have a medium flavour which puts them between Kings and Bananas on the flavourometer.

They have distinctive grey, blue or black stripes that turn red when cooked. Tiger prawns are available all year round because they are wild caught and raised in aquaculture. Wild caught, they're at their best from late summer to mid-autumn.

Serve tiger prawns whole with mayonnaise or aioli to show off their dramatic colour. Add to soups - their firm flesh holds together well or cook them on the barbecue.


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