About Us

Madam Seafood Team

Established in 2017, by a group of mums who love cooking with fresh seafood at home, Madam Seafood is an Adelaide based online platform dedicated to the online purchase and home delivery of fresh Australian produce from around the country.

Madam Seafood Vivian started the business when friends and families asked her to bring home fresh seafood for them to collect as her husband Jack was working at Mark Lee Fish Farm, but the farm was too far for people living in the city and the South. 

Overtime, the business continued to grow with word of mouth and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the stay-at-home direction issued by the Government accelerated the business to start offering home delivery services.

Since then, together with a group of Vivian's friends, Madam Seafood has been operating out of Mark Lee Fish Farm's facility and bringing quality fresh and live produce from all around Australia on a weekly basis and offering them through multiple pick-up depots across Adelaide and home delivery services.