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AU Wild Caught Endeavour Prawn【1KG & 3KG】(Raw) (frozen)

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The Endeavour Prawn is an Aussie, spending its time relaxing off the coast of this nation girt by sea. It’s not the biggest or best looking prawn around. It’s not the most striking. To be honest, the Endeavour Prawn is a little ugly. Next to King Prawns and the beautifully marked Tiger, the Endeavour can appear a little undersized and unattractive. But this humble little crustacean is still very special, in fact, it's extraordinary.

The Endeavour Prawn is the best tasting wild caught prawn in Australia.

We know this because in February 2007 at the National Australian Prawn Fisheries Conference in Adelaide, the Endeavour Prawn won the industry taste-off against every commercially caught prawn in Australian waters. It is the deserving title holder of 2007's Australia's tastiest prawn.

Truffles are pretty ugly, but still highly desired and only found on the tables of the fabulously wealthy. We'd like to think the Endeavour Prawn is the truffle of the prawn world. Not pretty, but a delicious treat to be savoured.

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